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flag down - sign to stop; "Let's flag down a cab--It truly is starting to rain"; "The policeman flagged down our car or truck"

Clark confessed to Lois that he feels emotionally stronger together with her in his everyday living. (Pandora) This really is built Obviously when Clark resumed his Kryptonian schooling and believed that, if he cut ties together with his humanity, he can be entirely centered to safeguard humanity with no distractions.

paper loss - an unrealized loss on an investment decision calculated by subtracting The existing current market selling price in the Trader's Price

Salon grade hair growth shampoo with Emu Oil. Naturally promotes more rapidly hair growth by enhancing hair and scalp well being

loss - the quantity by which the price of a business exceeds its profits; "the organization operated in a loss last 12 months"; "the company operated during the pink final yr"

(= cease) → aufhören mit; to stop performing something → aufhören, etw zu tun, etw nicht mehr tun; she hardly ever stops chatting → sie redet ununterbrochen or in einer Tour (inf); to stop using tobacco → mit dem Rauchen aufhören; (briefly) → das Rauchen einstellen; I’m attempting to stop using tobacco → ich versuche, das Rauchen aufzugeben or nicht mehr zu rauchen; stop declaring that → nun sag das doch nicht immer; stop it! → lass das!, hör auf!; I just can’t stop it → ich kann es nicht lassen

He ongoing to like and belief Lana even though she experienced married his former best Buddy and existing enemy Lex Luthor.

Clark and his allies began creating preparations to defend Earth from the approaching of Darkseid. In the midst of his and Lois' wedding day and after a closing reunion with Lex, Clark received the battle with Darkseid by mastering his capacity to fly, Placing to the suit, pushing Apokolips away from Earth, and finally fulfilling his Future by turning into the Earth's best savior generally known as Superman.


position, location, topographic place - a point located with regard Get More Info to surface attributes of some region; "this can be a awesome spot for a picnic"; "a vibrant location over a planet"

suspension level - (ordinarily plural) certainly one of a series of factors indicating that a little something is omitted or which the sentence is incomplete

(= keep) → Aufenthalt m; (= split) → Pause f; (Aviat, for refuelling etcetera) → Zwischenlandung f; to have a stop for espresso → eine Kaffeepause machen; to possess a stop → haltmachen; we had or made 3 stops → wir haben dreimal haltgemacht; to work for eight hrs with no stop → acht Stunden ohne Unterbrechung arbeiten

for being at a loss → nicht mehr weiterwissen; we have been in a loss Bonuses with this issue → wir stehen dem Issue ratlos gegenüber; we have been in a loss for what to do → wir wissen nicht mehr aus noch ein; for being in a loss to explain some thing → etw nicht erklären können; we hair loss have been in a loss to convey why → wir haben keine Ahnung, warum; to generally be at a loss for words → nicht wissen, was gentleman sagen soll; he’s under no circumstances in a loss for terms/an justification → er ist nie um Worte/eine Ausrede verlegen

obstruent - a consonant that is certainly generated that has a partial or comprehensive blockage with the airflow with the lungs in the nose or mouth

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